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Data Centers and Servers, Year in Review 2016

Data Centers Consolidated

17 data centers shut down; 360 servers retired/consolidated; 4216 sq. ft. reclaimed
  • The project team worked with researchers and local IT staff to review the valuable research and work being done in the facilities and determine whether the equipment that supports that research and work is a candidate for consolidation, retirement, virtualization, the cloud, replacement, or migration to a more energy-efficient space.
  • Often, services and incentives offered by the optimization effort reduced Principal Investigators' expenditures, freeing up funds for additional computing capabilities.
  • 25 more server rooms are in scope for the three-year project.

Power & Maintenance Costs Reduced

$344,430 in yearly savings from power and maintenance costs realized

Staff Time Saved

  • The consolidation project has saved 5,340 hours of staff time annually, including:
  • 3,330 hours of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) efforts and 2,040 hours of server administration time.

Data Centers and Servers Project Saves Money, Creates Office Space Through Server Migration

Information Technology Facility
Professor Claudio Margulis describes his positive experience consolidating his research clusters from the Chemistry server rooms to central facilities. The project team is working through a list of 1,000 servers on campus, aiming to consolidate server rooms and closets to a significantly smaller number of centrally governed, managed, and supported multi-tenant data centers.

Data Centers and Servers Project Helps Units Better Align Resources With Needs

Harpreet Gill, Application Developer, College of Dentistry
After migrating servers to a central facility, the College of Dentistry could strategically refocus staff resources to work on projects that are important to the college, like developing an application for tracking student externships and certifications.