OneIT leaders generated a list of cultural attributes to guide how we behave, interact, and approach critical tasks. The cultural attributes describe who we are and to what we are committed. 


  • Elevates the customer voice: Puts the customer first and values outcomes from a customer perspective. Strives for no-gap service, making every possible effort to understand unique needs and be responsive. Ensures that IT is contributing to the success of the university. 
  • Is agile and adaptable: Supports autonomy, with alignment and accountability.  
  • Is inclusive: Values transparency and communication to improve trust; grows collaboration through communities and provides better outcomes. 
  • Cultivates and values talent: Recruits, retains, develops, and appreciates top-quality professionals.  
  • Encourages autonomy and leadership: Grounded in ‘good citizenship’ and doing what is best for the institution. 

Going forward, we must deepen our understanding of our existing culture and identify opportunities to enhance and embed the attributes we have identified as foundational. Every IT professional on campus has an important leadership role to play in developing and sustaining these attributes, holding themselves and others accountable for their behavior, interactions, and approach. 

Building culture is not a process that occurs overnight, and it will require intentional effort to bring our new culture to life. We will be seeking individuals who are particularly interested in culture to help us shape this effort, and keep culture at the forefront of OneIT through our conversations and actions.