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Computer Networking, Year in Review 2017

Developed project description

The OneIT Network Redesign project will focus on:

  • Consolidation and standardization of campus networks and infrastructure.
  • Networking policies and procedures.
  • Oversight and administration of various campus networks.

Identified project benefits

The project will benefit campus by:

  • Reducing costs by allowing for larger bulk discounting with standardization of hardware.
  • Providing a deeper pool of staff with required skills sets to manage standardized hardware and software.
  • Allowing simpler management and rollout of existing and new services across standardized networks.
  • Improving security for end-point devices.
  • Providing better alignment of network resources for academics, administrative purposes, research and labs, and outreach.

Project plans in development

  • ITS and Engineering leadership are working on developing a plan.
  • The plan includes transition to continue the integrated support of the College of Engineering. 
  • ITS and the State Hygienic Lab project team have outlined a plan that transitions the management of the network and data center to central IT. 
  • Both projects are on track to be complete from a OneIT standpoint by June 30, 2018.