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Classroom & Collaboration Space IT Support, Year in Review 2017

Documented service models for campus spaces

  • The team inventoried OneIT service models for campus learning spaces, identifying several local support and consulting models.
  • A review of Health Care Information Systems audio/visual (A/V) service and support models was also completed.

Recommended service models for campus spaces

  • The team recommended coordinating with the OneIT End-User Support Project and integrating support of learning spaces with the support provided by Help Desk, Extended Technology Support, and third-tier support teams.
  • Third-tier support and engineering teams were recommended and scoped for learning spaces and for A/V design, installation, and support.
  • A/V design and installation services were brought into the Learning Spaces Team in Information Technology Services.
  • A new role on the Learning Spaces Team will focus on improving the ability of other teams (Extended Technical Support and Help Desk) to support A/V and learning spaces technologies.

Implementing proposed service models and processes

  • The OneIT Operations Team approved service model plans in fall 2017. Communication and projects to reorganize the Learning Spaces Team support model commenced.
  • In summer 2018, the Learning Spaces/Classroom Hotline will be moved organizationally to the OneIT Help Desk.
  • In summer and fall 2018, the Learning Spaces Team will share training and information with Extended Technical Support staff, preparing them to help resolve learning spaces issues.