Looking back at the first year of OneIT@Iowa, it’s remarkable to reflect on how much has changed and how much headway has been made. We are one-third of the way through our projects, on track to complete the TIER IT initiatives within the three-year target, and have already documented TIER savings of over $2 million.  

We are extremely pleased with this progress, and the entire IT community deserves tremendous credit for taking on 16 major IT efficiency projects, in addition to their everyday work, without missing a beat. 

A Transformative Change 

In just one year, OneIT has catalyzed a transformative change in the way we operate. 

IT leaders from across campus are in constant, close contact to share information and solve problems. We are developing a shared vision for the future structure, culture, and governance of the organization, and to recruit, retain, and cultivate IT talent. 

We’ve worked hard to strengthen relationships, build trust, improve communication, and increase transparency. Connections developed through OneIT activities are sparking new ideas and solutions.  

The relationships and sharing of expertise have compelled us to take some of the efficiency projects even further than anticipated. A great example is the web hosting project, which kept growing in scope as the team found more ways to improve efficiency by moving to a cloud hosting service, deploying Drupal digital signage service for the campus, and powering the signs with low-cost, energy-efficient compute sticks. 

Fruits of Labor: Reinvestment of Time 

We’ve invested a lot of time in OneIT initiatives and are already seeing examples of that effort paying off—and not just in a financial sense. As more commodity IT services are delivered in a standard and central way, staff in distributed units are able to reinvest their time in the unique needs of their area.  

The Office of the State Archaeologist, for instance, moved to central file storage services; since then, Systems Administration Director Mary De La Garza has had time to focus on exciting new innovations. And, after migrating servers to a central facility, the College of Dentistry could strategically refocus staff resources to develop an application for tracking student externships and certifications. 

This report details the headway made in the first year of OneIT. I hope our IT community will read it and share a strong sense of pride in all we have accomplished together, and that others will be as impressed as I am at the volume and value of collaborative change that has transpired in this short span of time. 

Steve Fleagle 

Associate Vice President & CIO