The UI introduced a new budget process in 2017. In this process, there are six Central Services Advisory Committees, including one for IT.

Their role is to establish an ongoing review of each business unit and to assess, prioritize, and submit proposals for operational cost savings or increases for consideration by a newly formed administrative Budget Review Board.

Central Services Advisory Committee for IT members

  • John Culshaw (co-chair), University Librarian
  • David Johnsen (co-chair), Dean, College of Dentistry
  • Steve Fleagle (facilitator), Associate Vice President and CIO
  • Lori Cranston, Associate Dean, College of Public Health
  • Sandra Daack-Hirsch (UI Faculty Senate representative), Associate Professor, College of Nursing
  • Michael Hesseltine (UI Staff Council representative), Support Services Supervisor, UI Health Care
  • April Tippett, Director of Finance, College of Engineering
  • Joseph Verry (UI Student Government representative), Student

Facilitators and chairs of the seven OneIT councils participate in the committee's meetings as needed, when a proposal from their area is under consideration.