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Business Intelligence (BI), Year in Review 2016

BI Project Completed

The scope of the BI project is complete, paving the way for ongoing BI activities on campus. In April 2016, BI became the second OneIT project to reach the closeout phase. 

Campus-Wide Needs Assessment Completed

  • A campus-wide needs assessment was conducted to learn what data and tools are needed for key business decisions.
  • The needs assessment entailed interviews with 30 UI executives on financial, human resources, academic, and research administration information needs.
  • Information collected will be used to plan future BI strategies and tools that offer insight into institutional performance and timely, accurate data for quick response to opportunities or threats.

New BI Tools Help Inform Decision-Making

  • The project enhanced reporting and analysis through data visualization to inform decision-making. 
    • The team developed an initial portfolio of BI solutions that included advanced reporting, self-service, and dashboards for Admissions, General Ledger, and Student Records data. 
    • The new tools have helped to forecast record enrollment and allowed Admissions staff to direct time and resources to make the most impact.

Business Intelligence Project Fosters Culture of Data-Driven Decision-Making on Campus

Dawn Moore and Brenda Ulin
When it comes to informed decision making, having reliable data is paramount. But, because simply collecting data isn’t always enough to facilitate a decision in a timely manner, the UI aimed a OneIT efficiency project at putting the university’s robust amount of data in a format that can quickly be analyzed.