History of the Transparent, Inclusive Efficiency Review (TIER)

In spring 2014, the state Board of Regents commissioned Deloitte Consulting to conduct an efficiency review of the three state universities. The recommendations developed by Deloitte after a period of interviews and data gathering focused on four administrative areas: IT, Human Resources, Finance, and Facilities. A review of academic units is also planned.

Deloitte's report (IT begins on p. 91) produced four IT-related recommendations, which were approved by the Regents in November.

  • IT-01:  Centralize commodity and infrastructure services on campus
  • IT-02:  Restructure ITS to accommodate new environment
    • IT-01 & IT-02 Increase visibility and reporting of IT activities
  • IT-03:  Consolidate applications across campus and between universities
  • IT-04:  Implement virtual desktops, reduce local printers and printing

The Regents issued a request for proposals (RFP) for external consultants to partner in the implementation of the business cases, and each university was able to submit a proposal for self-implementation. 

For the information technology portion of the University of Iowa’s proposal, IT leaders from central and distributed units met for a daylong retreat, where they identified 16 projects to meet the objectives of the four IT business cases. Teams had one week to develop initial descriptions of each of the projects, which were summarized and incorporated into the UI’s proposal along with the HR and Finance plans.

The Regents accepted the universities’ proposals for self-implementation of the IT, HR, and Finance business cases. They retained Chazey Partners to lend expertise and advice to the institutions during implementation and to provide assistance to the universities in areas where resources or a deeper level of analysis is needed.