OneIT began in 2015 as a portfolio of 16 efficiency projects identified through the Transparent, Inclusive Efficiency Review (TIER) process initiated by the state Board of Regents.

To realize all the benefits for campus envisioned by OneIT, we now think of OneIT more broadly than a portfolio of projects. The IT community is evolving into a unified IT organization called OneIT.  

Unification is designed to create a more cohesive, consistent experience for IT customers, enabling us to maximize the impact of IT investment, better meet the needs of interdisciplinary activities, and learn from each other.

OneIT organizational strategy unfolds 

In a series of 2015-16 retreats, IT leaders from every college and unit on campus developed a shared vision for the future of this organization. The vision focused on culture, organizational structure, governance, and people. Building upon those efforts, the leaders began a OneIT strategic planning process in late 2017. The new strategic plan will be completed in spring 2018.

Project progress continues

Several of the original 16 OneIT projects are complete, and the remainder will be finished by summer of 2018 and meet the savings target ($3.6 million in ongoing annual savings) identified in the TIER initiatives. As outlined in the 2017 OneIT Year in Review, we have made incredible progress together in a short period of time. 

The goals of the project work are: 

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IT by dramatically reducing the cost of providing general IT services necessary for day-to-day campus operations. 
  • Identify areas where specialization and innovation are critical to meet unique needs in research and instruction, and assure that those needs are properly addressed. 
  • Enable reinvestment of time and resources into teaching, research, and service.